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Hey everybody. Thanks for coming by.

As you can see the old blog and site has gone away... That's because I'm slowly, but surely making changes and this time around, the Four Basics blog is gone - I'm sorry.

But don't fret! Use the link below to download the Four Basics ebook. Yes, it is the original, (typo's and all), and includes the article "Three Disqualifiers That Contribute To Music Failure" at the end.

Four Basics eBook (format: .pdf; size: 114kb).


I still do stress music education as part of your success, however I have taken care of that with How To Read and Write Music online course for $17.00.
It's definitely worth checking out as I've put A LOT of stuff in there -

The New Music Project

IWhile you're here, maybe you would be interested in listening to some cool new music, discovering new artists, and supporting local and independent music?
This music project does just that! Follow the link and check out Music Sense right now. You won't regret it!